Facom Állítható csőfogók 250 mm Normál Nagy teljesítményű többmarkolatú with 52mm Jaw Capacity

  • RS raktári szám 417-1689
  • Gyártó cikkszáma 180.CPE
  • Gyártó Facom
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Származási ország (Country of Origin): FR

Facom 180.CPE High Performance Bi Material Multiple Slip-Joint Pliers

Introducing the professional Water Pump Pliers from Facom, these adjustable water pump pliers are an essential toolbox addition for professionals and enthusiasts alike. The box joint design allows a firm and adjustable grip on various kinds of pipes and fasteners. With a chrome vanadium steel construction, this tool is resistant to corrosion for long and dependable service life. The Facom 180.CPE water pump pliers have a long-reach thin nose head with serrated gripping jaws, for complete confidence when applying torque to stubborn or seized parts. With a High-Performance Multi-Grip and versatile adjustability of up to 52mm jaws capacity, these Facom water pump pliers are a tool you can rely on.

Features and Benefits:

• Extra-slim head for good access to restricted spaces
• Double heat-treated tips
• High wear resistance
• Hardness 60/62 HRc
• Stylish Chrome finish
• High-Performance Multi-Grip design
• Fully toothed jaws to give a firm grip on all shapes
• Coated ergonomic handles with a user-friendly system to prevent fingers being nipped
• Overall length: 250mm

Typical Application:

Although water pump pliers get their name from being used to tighten the packed glands in water pumps in cars and vans, they can be used for gripping nuts and bolts with a large round or square diameters and other irregular shaped objects. As such, they are suitable for many applications wherever a tight grip and leverage are required. They are sometimes known as water pump pipe wrenches, and they are often used by;
• Mechanics
• Plumbers
• Maintenance engineers

Approvals & Certification:

• ISO 8976
• DIN ISO 8976
• NF ISO 8976
• ASME B107.500
• EN 60900


How many adjustments do this water pump pliers have?
Facom 180.CPE pliers have 7 adjustments.

What is the difference between water pump pliers and plumber's grips?
The term 'grips' can be applied to many different hand tools, and so can be confusing. For instance, pipe grip pliers are very similar, but often have a differently shaped head with smooth teeth. Though water pump pliers are very versatile with wide applications in plumbing and maintenance, they are designed specifically for packed glands on water pumps. Be sure to pay careful attention to the head when purchasing grips, to be assured they are suitable for your needs.

Tulajdonság Érték
Maximális pofakapacitás 52mm
Beállítás módja Normál
Beállítások száma 7
Teljes hossz 250 mm
Csipesz típusa Nagy teljesítményű többmarkolatú
2 Raktáron van a következő munkanapon való szállításra, ha a megrendelést 16:00 előtt feladják
30 darab csak 2 munkanapon belül válik szállíthatóvá (EU raktárkészlet)
Ár Darab
9 105 Ft
(ÁFA nélkül)
11 563 Ft
Per unit
1 +
9 105 Ft