Facom 10 darabos csavarhúzó készlet, Mérnökök

  • RS raktári szám 401-125
  • Gyártó cikkszáma ATW.J10PB
  • Gyártó Facom
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Származási ország (Country of Origin): FR

Facom Protwist 10 Piece Screwdriver Set, 10 Piece

Facom professional 10 piece Protwist screwdriver set featuring Slotted, Phillips and Pozidriv which have an ergonomic and comfortable grip for heavy-duty work. This set includes 8 silicon steel round blades and 2 hexagonal blade screwdrivers all colour coded for immediate identification. This set is strong and durable and includes the following type of screwdrivers:
Slotted: has a flattened tip used for screws with a straight linear intrusion across the head
Phillips: have a cross shape recess and were designed to be able to take more torque
Pozidriv: seen as an upgraded version of a Phillips, designed to reduce cam-out, which is the process where a screwdriver slips out of the screw head when more torque is applied
The screwdriver is one of the most essential hand tools in any workman’s kit. There are many situations and professions where a screwdriver is integral to carrying out a specific task revolving around loosening or tightening fasteners.
Features and Benefits:
The dual material handle provides high resistance against shocks, chemicals, oil and hydrocarbons
Colour coding for easy identification and selection of the type of head from the set
Extra-long blades for accessing difficult and hard to reach areas
Matt chromed blade, black treated head
Natural hold and excellent ergonomics
Cylindrical blades for access into recesses
Typical Applications
Screwdriver sets are typically used by professional tradesmen, engineers or those wishing to complete DIY.
Opening consoles - Xbox/Playstation
Opening Mobile phones
Opening Macbooks
Mechanical and industrial production
Fastening wood to metal
Flammable Environments
What do you get in the set?
PH0 x 75 mm
PH1 x 100 mm
PH2 x 125 mm
2.5 x 75 mm
3.5 x 100 mm
5.5 x 125 mm
6 x 150 mm
8 x 175 mm
PZ1 x 100mm
PZ2 x 125 mm

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Tulajdonság Érték
Csavarhúzó típusa Mérnökök
Darabok száma 10
Hegy típusa Hornyolt; csillagfejű; Pozidriv
Vég mérete Lapos: 2,5; 3,5; 5,5; 6; 8 mm; Csillagfejű: PH0; PH1; PH2; Pozidriv: PZ1; PZ2
Penge hossza Lapos: 75; 100; 125; 150; 175 Csillagfejű: 75; 100; 125, Pozidriv: 100; 125 mm
9 Raktáron van a következő munkanapon való szállításra, ha a megrendelést 16:00 előtt feladják
97 darab csak 2 munkanapon belül válik szállíthatóvá (EU raktárkészlet)
Ár Darab
18 145 Ft
(ÁFA nélkül)
23 044 Ft
Per unit
1 +
18 145 Ft