Facom 8 darabos csavarhúzó készlet, 1000V

  • RS raktári szám 794-7741
  • Gyártó cikkszáma MOD.A1VE
  • Gyártó Facom
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Származási ország (Country of Origin): FR

Facom ProTwist 1000V Insulated Screwdriver Set

A professional set VDE insulated Facom Protwist 1000V screwdrivers which include both Slotted and Phillips with round hardened and tempered silicone carbon steel blades for strength and endurance. These insulated screwdrivers are designed for electrical safety and for working on live components up to 1000 Volts making this the perfect set for electricians. The protwist insulated screwdrivers offer excellent torque and allows fast screwing speeds. These 8 piece screwdriver sets are designed with a natural grip that gives the users great comfort and designed to last alot longer. These insulated screwdrivers provide both safety for the user and can also prevent damage to electronic parts that might be damaged by an electrical short. The colour coded ends and rings on these screwdrivers make it much easier to identify the right tool that you need even in a busy tool box.

Features and benefits:
• Ease of use
• Colour coded ends and rings
• Insulated up to 1000V: the amount of electricity they can resist, 1000 volts is typical for a professional grade insulated screwdriver
• Insulation protects the user from the possibility of touching live parts of a circuit and the grounded walls of the box or other equipment
• Precision machined tips
• Multi-material polyamide and polyurethane handles designed for intensive use and massive torque transmission
Typical Applications:
Screwdriver sets are very useful when it comes to having a variety of screwdriver tips in one place. There are many situations and professions where a screwdriver is integral to carrying out a specific task revolving around loosening or tightening fasteners. Typical applications for screwdriver sets are:-
• Electronics
• Engineers
• Mechanical and industrial production
• Woodworking/carpentry
• Fastening wood to metal
• Flammable environments
• Opening consoles - Xbox/PlayStation
• Opening Mobile phones
• Opening MacBook’s
What do you get in the set?
794-7741 – 8 piece insulated screwdriver set for slotted, Philips and pozidriv head screws:-
(Tip size x Length)
3.5mm x 100mm Slotted
4mm x 100mm Slotted
5.5mm x 100mm Slotted
6.5mm x 150mm Slotted
AP1 x 100mm Phillips
AP2 x 125mm Phillips
AD1 x 100mm Pozidriv
AD2 x 125mm Pozidriv
Cardboard Box
876-4904 – 8 piece insulated screwdriver set for slotted and pozidriv head screws:-
(Tip size x Length)
2.5mm x 75mm Slotted
3mm x 100mm Slotted
3.5mm x 100mm Slotted
4mm x 100mm Slotted
5.5mm x 125mm Slotted
6.5mm x 150mm Slotted
PZ1 x 100mm Pozidriv
PZ2 x 125mm Pozidriv
Cardboard Box

Tulajdonság Érték
Csavarhúzó típusa 1000V
Darabok száma 8
Hegy típusa Phillips, Pozidriv, Slotted
Vég mérete 1 mm, 2 mm, 3,5 mm, 4 mm, 5,5 mm, 6,5 mm
4 Raktáron van a következő munkanapon való szállításra, ha a megrendelést 16:00 előtt feladják
50 darab csak 2 munkanapon belül válik szállíthatóvá (EU raktárkészlet)
Ár Darab
29 889 Ft
(ÁFA nélkül)
37 959 Ft
Per unit
1 +
29 889 Ft