Csővágó 3 → 35 mm

  • RS raktári szám 724-3866
  • Gyártó cikkszáma 334C.35
  • Gyártó Facom
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Származási ország (Country of Origin): FR

Facom 334B.35 'High Precision' Copper Pipe Cutter

Introducing the Facom 334B.35, this high precision pipe cutter produces a clean and precise cut on copper pipes up to a thickness of 2 mm. This user-friendly pipe cutter featuring a comfortable handle to increase the tension to cut through the pipe, allowing you to adjust the cutter with ease depending on the size required. This cutter is manufactured from a tough wearing alloy body with an enamel finish. An added feature of a rotary deburrer that slides out the bottom of the main body. The high-quality blades are constructed using high carbon steel, ensuring that a clean and precise cut is achieved, even after multiple uses.

Features and Benefits

Capable of cutting copper and light alloy pipes 3-25 mm

Four grooved guided rollers for cutting flanged tubes

Light Alloy body with enamel finish

Folding Rotary deburrer

Produces a clean and precise cut with ease

Supplied with two cutting wheels


Pipe cutters are a type of hand tool designed to cut pipes. It can usually be faster, cleaner and a move convenient at cutting a pipe than using a hacksaw. Pipe cutters are commonly used by plumbers, however, they can also be used for DIY projects, installation engineering, automotive repairs and more.


Why use a pipe cutter instead of a hacksaw?

Whilst a hacksaw can be used to cut a variety of materials, pipe and tube cutters are specifically designed to cut pipes and hoses with ease. The design ensures that a precise and clean cut is achieved on a variety of materials, without damaging the material or surrounding area.

What material can this tube cutter be used with?

This pipe cutter is designed to produce a clean and precise cut on a copper and alloy pipes up to a thickness of 2mm.

Tulajdonság Érték
Vágóképesség 3 → 35 mm
Anyagvágás Vörösréz
Maró típusa Gyorsbeállító és visszahúzható forgó lyuktágító
8 Raktáron van a következő munkanapon való szállításra, ha a megrendelést 16:00 előtt feladják
41 darab csak 2 munkanapon belül válik szállíthatóvá (EU raktárkészlet)
Ár Darab
24 454 Ft
(ÁFA nélkül)
31 057 Ft
Per unit
1 +
24 454 Ft