Facom Racsnics aljzatkészlet 17 darabos, 3/4", hajtókar: 12 pólusú aljzat

  • RS raktári szám 829-2884
  • Gyártó cikkszáma KL.501PB
  • Gyártó Facom
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Származási ország (Country of Origin): TW

Facom 3/4-inch Dustproof Socket Set

Introducing Facom’s KL range of dustproof socket and ratchet sets. These high-performance hand tool sets come in a 12-piece or 6-piece version containing all the basic pieces required for DIY or professional applications, making them a fantastic addition to your tool collection. The sockets and ratchets feature an ultra-resistant mechanism to dust and liquids which means they will have a much longer tool life than standard pieces. This toolkit is a fantastic socket set for an experienced and skilled mechanic or maintenance man, or it’s an ideal first purchase for someone going into the mechanics or maintenance industry.

Features and Benefits:

• The set features a 120-tooth ratchet with a 3° arc for strong loosing and tightening with high accuracy and efficiency
• The ultra-resistant double-sealed mechanism is dustproof and liquid proof for lower maintenance and longer lasting tool life
• The ergonomic handle allows for optimum comfort even when working for long periods of time
• The ratchet handle features a hanging hook which is ideal when working at height
• The recessed inversion lever stops accidental use while still being effective with gloved or oily hands
• A multi-tasking socket set allowing you to work faster in a professional or home DIY setting
• The set comes in a convenient storage case that protects the pieces inside it, as well as making them portable to and from the working area where they are in use
• The set comes with sockets in metric sizing and ratchet extensions, as well as a ratchet and sliding tee


This socket set is typically used by professional tradesmen, mechanics or those wishing to complete DIY. Socket sets can be used in many situations and professions where a socket is integral to carrying out a specific task revolving around loosening or tightening.

• Maintenance
• Construction
• Home DIY
• Mechanics/Car garages

Why choose this set?

With the range of sockets and ratchet accessories, this kit is a compact and reliable asset to any professional or DIY user. With the ergonomic handles, you can work comfortably whether it’s tightening, loosening or just adjusting anything at home or on a job site, making it a versatile and essential kit to add to your toolbox.

Is this set supplied in a storage case?

Yes – the items are supplied in a convenient storage case, moulded to the contours of the items inside for easy identification, especially when parts go missing. The case protects against most worksite conditions and is portable.

Tulajdonság Érték
Meghajtó mérete 3/4"
Készlet típusa Hatlapú belső kulcsnyílású dugókulcs készlet
Meghajtás típusa 12 pólusú aljzat
Darabok száma 17
Készlet tartalma 1 csúszó T-rúd (K.120B, 1 U csatlakozás (K.240A), 2 bővítés (K.210B és K.215B), 13 aljzat 12 pont K.B (19; 21; 22; 24; 27; 30; 32; 34; 36; 41; 46; 50; 55 mm)
8 Raktáron van 2 munkanapon belüli szállításra
Ár Darab
208 681 Ft
(ÁFA nélkül)
265 025 Ft
Per unit
1 +
208 681 Ft
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