RasPiComm+ main board for Raspberry Pi

  • RS raktári szám 847-4894
  • Gyártó cikkszáma RPCP-xx
  • Gyártó Amescon
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PiloT Extension Board for Raspberry Pi

The PiloT Extension Board, (formerly known as RasPiComm+), connects to your Raspberry Pi to add extra capability such as digital and analogue I/O, serial ports, sensors, relays, GSM and GPS. PiloT has four module slots on-board. Within each slot, you can add a PiloT compatible module for the functionality that you need.

At RS, we have;
-8 Digital Input Module with Header (8474904)
-8 Digital Output Module with Header (8474907)
-RS-232 Module with Header (8474901)
-RS-232 Module with D-Sub9 Connector (8474913)
-8 Analogue Input Module (8474910)
-RS-485 Module (8474926)
-GPS Module (8474948)
-GSM Module (8474941)

Features & Benefits of PiloT
•Easy set-up
•32-bit ARM microcontroller for real-time operation and PLC features
•Altera CPLD for wiring and logic
•Real-Time Clock
•Open source software and driver support for Raspbian
•Detects and configures all connected devices
•Powered by the Raspberry Pi board
•50 mA power consumption
•Mounting holes for module slots (M2, screws included)
•Optional debugging headers
•Cut-out for Raspberry Pi display cable
•Power indicators
•Raspberry Pi aligned mounting holes
•Raspberry Pi connector
•Dimensions: 80 x 56.2 mm

Recommended Applications
The PiloT Extension Board is ideal for industrial, home automation and OEM applications.

For more on PiloT;


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20 151 Ft
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