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uCFG Microcontroller Frame Grabber

The microcontroller frame grabber (uCFG) is a plug-in module designed to allow the digitization and acquisition of a full colour, full resolution (PAL 720x272 or NTSC 720x240) single video field into a local image buffer. The image data can then be downloaded in its entirety or as a decimated thumbnail over a very simple serial interface controlled by an ASCII command set. The original raw image data remains in the field buffer of the uCFG as long as a new image is not grabbed. This allows data to be read out multiple times with different compression ratios or decimation settings with full control over downloaded packet size.

Four composite analogue input video channels with built-in multiplexer
Four input channels can instead be used as two SVideo inputs for studio quality image capture
Composite analogue video output channel for live viewing
Native support for both PAL & NTSC
Acquire a full field (720x240 NTSC, 720x272 PAL) of colour video data to an on-board image buffer
Compact YCbCr 4:2:2 image data format (if needed, simple host RGB conversion)
Selective acquisition of ODD or EVEN field
Send commands/download image data over a simple LVTTL serial UART interface (or RS-232 with external level shifter working at up to 230.4 kbps
Supports 1:1, 2:1, 4:1 and 8:1 compressed image download modes
Full software flow control allows downloading of image data to limited resources client
Multiple download of image data stored in buffer with different decimation parameters. Allows quick thumbnail preview, then full resolution download
Simple ASCII command set
Frame grab triggered by software command or, if required, through 4 external hardware trigger inputs with programmable polarity
Complete trigger latch logic allows acquisition of first triggered frame following latch clear, or automatic overwrite. Serial commands allow reading of trigger status, latch, as well as clearing of latch
All board configuration settings are set through user software and stored in non-volatile EEPROM
256 bytes of general purpose nonvolatile EEPROM user storage space accessible through serial port commands
I²C bus available for expansion, can be controlled directly through serial port commands
Compact plug-in daughtercard design can be inserted OEM into a product (two 0.1in single row headers on back side)

Video, Digital Creations

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