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  • RS raktári szám 715-4088
  • Gyártó cikkszáma M000015
  • Gyártó Arduino
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Származási ország (Country of Origin): IT

Development Board Case for Arduino Boards

This development board case is perfect for housing any of your Arduino boards. There is also space to fit an Ethernet shield right on top of your board and room for a 9 V battery — great for any wireless projects.

Other features & benefits
•Removable ethernet socket and battery covers
•UL 94 flame retardant

Note: The case does not come with any boards or batteries

Arduino Accessories

Here at RS we have a wide range of accessories to support you with your Arduino projects. Books can help you to get started as well as help you connect devices to the Internet of Things. We have cases to house and protect your Arduino boards and connectivity accessories such as cables and antennas. Arduino Kits are a great starting point when prototyping and experimenting with projects, from the most basic breadboard and wire kits to kits featuring Arduino boards and electronic components.

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