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  • RS raktári szám 329-0004
  • Gyártó cikkszáma 985936
  • Gyártó Facom
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Származási ország (Country of Origin): FR

Facom Coaxial and Multipair Cable Sheath Stripper

Introducing an excellent quality cable stripper from Facom designed to facilitating sheath stripping of coax and twisted multipair (UTP and STP) cables and optical fibres. This lightweight compact stripper features a rigid construction and safe anti-slip grip. The depth of cut can be easily controlled by changing the direction of rotation and the maximum capacity is Ø11mm. This compact stripper has been designed with professional use in mind as all other Facom tools, is covered with the lifetime warranty.

Features and Benefits:

• Excellent quality Coaxial and Multicore Sheath Stripper
• High precision stripping with an easy adjustment of the depth of cut
• Suitable for stripping single, multicore and coaxial wires
• Sheath stripping capacity up to Ø11mm
• High durability & sturdy construction for long-life operation
• Professional quality - Covered by the Facom Tools Guarantee
• Weight: 135g

Typical Applications:

Wire strippers are a hand-held tool designed to remove insulation or outer sheath from electrical wires. Wire strippers create a neat and tidy cut to reveal wires, ready to be soldered or have a connector attached. There are various types available from stripping the cable to cutting copper and conduit. Wire strippers are primarily used by electricians or mechanics but are equally at home in any DIY toolbox.


Is this wire stripper VDE certified?
No, this wire stripper isn't VDE approved and cannot be used on live electric cables.

Is this cable stripper suitable for flat cables?
This wire stripper has been designed to work with round cables only.

Technical specifications
Max. capacity: Ø11 mm
Weight: 135 g
Tulajdonság Érték
Maximális méret 11mm
20 Raktáron van 1 munkanapon belüli szállításra
Ár Darab
8 306 Ft
(ÁFA nélkül)
10 549 Ft
Per unit
1 +
8 306 Ft
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